Coming Together on Common Ground, a project about connecting in your neighbourhood, through food and dreams

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Feeling connected to your neighbourhoods is a way to enhance your sense of support, belonging, safety, and comfort where you live.  What are those things you wish you had in your neighbourhood that could happen if you worked together with others to make it happen?

Perhaps you like to garden and would like to swap plants or gardening ideas. Maybe you’re the parent of small children and would like to find other children close by for playdates or to support each other as parents.   Perhaps you want to do handy work and would appreciate sharing tools with others. Maybe you have a small business at home and would like to localise your customer base.  Perhaps you have a pet and need an occasional pet minder.  The possibilities are endless as to the support we can give one another and the sharing that can happen once we are connected to our neighbours and know each other better.

Shama has an exciting new programme that connects neighbours in each of the four quarters of the city through sharing home-made food, cultural stories, and visioning together for what makes for a great neighbourhood and neighbours.    At each of the events, community members will be invited to bring their favourite cultural dish to their local community house. Folks will be guided through a series of fun discussions and activities that will leave them feeling more connected with their neighbours and inspired about where they live.

If you’re reading this and want to be invited to attend a Common Ground event in your area or if you’re a community leader who would like to collaborate with Shama, contact Samantha by email or phone.

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