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On 15-16 July, Shama held the Awesome Teens camp as part of the Teens Explore programme. The programme is made up of a series of outings and get-togethers to keep the teens engaged and feeling connected to each other with a mixture of fun activities and thoughtful discussions and explorations around social justice, local issues, culture, community, and leadership.

A total of 11 ethnic youth participated—countries of origin including Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malaysia/Burma, Hungary, Colombia, Sweden, and Vietnam. Team building included learning how to walk connected to two other people on planks, building a tower using spaghetti and marshmallows, and cooking dinner in teams.  They learned how teens can make a difference by watching 2 videos–one of 2 Balinese youth who started a campaign to ban plastic bags in their country and another of 4 Norwegian teens who created a campaign to raise awareness of sweatshop labour in the clothing industry.   Our last activity was the youth brainstorming local issues and local solutions and deciding to hold an inter=generation  event featuring speakers, films, discussions, and games that would raise awareness and create networking opportunities on issues that affect teens.  This event will be in late November.

On 20 July, we went to the Adrenalin Forest with the purpose of building the teens’ sense of togetherness and to get them to practice overcoming challenges and perseverance.Ropa and Juju on net bridge

Awesome Teens Camp 14-15 July

Awesome Teens Camp 14-15 July

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