Power to Change Workshop: Get the tools to stand against family violence

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Family violence affects all our communities and we need to work together to stop it. Sometimes we want to do something but we don’t know what, but doing our bit is much easier than we think.

If a friend tells you that she is scared at home, because the husband/wife is violent, what would you do? What advice could you give? At Shama we have put these answers together in a programme called Power to Change.  This workshop explains what family violence is, how we can prevent it or recognise early signs, what support is available and how the legal process works. Guest speakers from Police, Women’s Refuge, Family Court lawyers and other services come to the sessions to explain how is the process and their involvement, so you learn from real experiences, but more than anything it’s an opportunity to create rapport with these agencies; and so if a friend asks for help you will know what to do, to minimize risk and to find support.  Power to Change offers you the opportunity to be an agent of change in your community and help reducing family harm.

Power to Change runs for 10 weeks from the 17th of February, on Saturdays from 1.30pm to 3.30pm .  This workshop is free thanks to the support of Skycity Hamilton, afternoon tea is provided, and interpreters on request.

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