Great morning at our Volunteers Appreciation Breakfast

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Volunteers are an essential resource for Shama, many of the programmes that we offer rely completely on them. During last year we had more than 74 people volunteering with us, some supported us on events, others helped us with transport, some worked as trustees, advisors, tutors or support workers.

To all of them we want to say THANK YOU!!!! And for this reason we hosted a Volunteers Appreciation Breakfast on the 31st of July. On the event we had delicious ethnic morning tea, some fun games and we got to know each other in a more social way. We also took the opportunity to introduce our Volunteers Coordinator: Ushaa Sridharan, who will help us to recruit, nurture and keep volunteers engaged. She will also be able to better match volunteers that are looking for work experience in New Zealand with roles and tasks that fit with their goals and aspirations.

So if you need work experience here or you want to make a difference in our communities, just get in touch! you can email or call 07 8433810






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